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Click here to view AHA DFP1 Stop Motion Animations from 2014-2015 :

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COURSE OVERVIEW: In this course, students will learn the basics of digital film production including shot types and angles, filming, editing, script writing, storyboarding, sound, lighting, makeup and film crew production hierarchy. 

A good portion of the course will be devoted to equipment training, video production software, and exposure to the five phases of film production. Students will work on individual and collaborative projects throughout the school year.

Read the weekly agenda first thing at the beginning of every week for a synopsis of what’s going on in the class. Agenda entries at the top are the most recent ones, so if you were out the day before, scroll down the agenda blog and find out what you missed.


<< Check out AHA Film 1 students Katia P's 
and Dayna R's
award-winning video,
"A Walk Through Hell." Katia and Dayna won first place in the Stop-Frame Animation category at the 2011 New Mexico Digital Desert Youth Film Festival, as well as being showcased at the 2011 Indie Filmmakers Showcase in Albuquerque, NM.

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