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First Film: Short Film Challenge!!
Today you begin planning for your first film. I am attaching a document here which describes the project - please read this thoroughly so you understand what is entailed. I am also attaching the document you will need to start planning your film, the concept map/synopsis. You will begin PREPRODUCTION (planning) your first film today by choosing 1-3 other students for your film team and choosing a genre, character, line of dialogue and a prop from the supplied list below. Once you have decided on those four elements of your film with your team, you must download and completely fill out the concept map/synopsis for your film. I’m also including an example of how to write a one paragraph synopsis. Save your filled out concept map to your desktop and you will print it out on Friday and turn it in for a grade. Once you have completed a concept map/synopsis, storyboard and a script you are ready to start filming your masterpiece!

short film challenge description
HowTo Write Film Synopsis.pdf

Essential Question: How does the pre-production phase of filmmaking (planning phase) improve a film?
Learning Objectives:
1.     Identify the steps of the preproduction phase of filmmaking: concept map, storyboard, and script.
2.     Brainstorm the beginning, middle and end of a scene with a concept map.
3.     Create a simple storyboard with the beginning, middle and end pre-planned and illustrated.
4.     Write a short script including dialogue for your film.

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