week 1

Introduction to Digital Film Production 1


Contracts: Rules, Procedures, Policies, Pretest, Survey
This first week is an introduction to Digital Film Production 1 — what we are going to learn in this class, the policies, procedures, rules, expectations, proper use of equipment as well as the consequences of improper usage. During the first week we review the class contract, class fee of $10.00 for the year, and the syllabus. The class contract must be filled out and signed by student and parents, and returned to me, as well as the $10.00 class fee before using the equipment. These are the first two assignments in the class (each worth 20 points). After that we’ll do a pretest on googl forms, and figure out seating assignments. Once you have your assigned computer, you will complete a brief survey which tells me what you are interested in and what type of experience you’ve had in film up to this point. We will then review the class website, the iMac interface, using google advanced images, and the four programs you will learn and use: iMovie, Photos, iTunes & GarageBand. Your first assignment will be learning how to use creative shot types and angles in order to make more professional films.

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