week 13


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First Film: Short Film Challenge!!
Post Production Phase Week 2/2: you are now in the final days of post production — editing the footage you have captured using your script and storyboard. You have until Wednesday of this week to finish editing and saving the final cut of your film. Before presenting your films to the class, we’ll look at how to be “Critical Friends” - how to give and accept constructive, kind & respectful feedback. On Thursday & Friday of this week you will be presenting and critiquing one anothers films, and choosing the winning film of the class! (worth 100 points)

CRITICAL FRIENDS protocol_language

short film challenge description
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short film challenge reflection

Essential Question: How can students use an industry standard protocol to present & critique one another’s films in a constructive kind, and respectful way?

Objective: By the end of this lesson students will be able to:
• use an industry standard presentation/critique protocol “Critical Friends” that fosters positive and constructive feedback between presenters and critical friends
• work collaboratively in teams to present and critique films
• Presenters: present, listen without being defensive, ask for details and explanations if needed while sharing out to large group

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