week 16

<< Boom Microphone essential equipment

This week  you will learn how to use the boom microphone equipment to capture good sound. 

Take a look at the image at left which I will project on the screen. Find a scrap of paper and see if you can identify the basic audio equipment components. Next you will watch three short videos; one on how to use our equipment, and two VideoMaker videos -- VM120 Boom Mic Basics (28 points):  and VM543 Audio for Video (24 points). After watching them, you will take two short google forms quizzes. Click on the links below for the quizzes - be sure to fill in ALL the fields and to click the “Submit" button when you are finished.

VM120: Boom Mic Basics
VM543: Audio for Video

Later this week you will choose 2-3 other students to work with and check out boom mic equipment, cameras and tripods to practice on your own in D Building. Borrow a short script from me, and record some dialogue about 10-15 feet away from your subject using ONLY the built in microphone on your camcorder. Then record the same dialogue from the same distance using the boom microphone equipment. Make a new project in iMovie called "Boom Mic Practice" and download your footage to iMovie and compare the two. From now on when you are filming anything where your camera needs to be some distance from your subject, you will use the boom microphone equipment to capture the best possible sound.

Essential Question: How do filmmakers use boom microphone equipment while filming to capture professional sounding audio?

Learning Objectives:
1. Students will tap into their prior knowledge in identifying essential audio parts and equipment.
2. Students will watch professional videos on using boom microphone equipment to capture audio for video. They will take two short assessment quizzes on what they have observed.
3. Students will break into teams and practice setting up and breaking down the audio equipment, while capturing short clips of dialogue with and without the boom microphone equipment.
4. Students will download the two sets of footage and compare and contrast the differences.

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