week 17

SoundsGood<< Foley artist image free to use: 1099.com

This week we begin looking at the importance of SOUND in Film, and three components of sound: Dialogue, Sound Effects and Soundtrack. I will show you a few clips on each of these important elements of sound in film. 

Great dialogue compilation:

Foley Artist (sound effects):

Great soundtrack compilation:

Next, you will be recreating all three of these elements of sound in a short cartoon clip, replacing the dialogue, sound effects and soundtrack (which you will create in GarageBand). You may work with ONE other person on this. Download a short cartoon clip (2 minutes or less), create a new movie project in iMovie, listen to the original sound and detach the audio. Use a USB external mike to rerecord the dialogue, add your own sound effects, and create your own soundtrack in GarageBand. Have fun!

Essential Question: Why is good dialogue, convincing sound effects and great soundtrack important in film?

Learning Objectives:
Students will study the three components of sound in film, download a cartoon clip, and recreate their own dialogue, sound effects and soundtrack.

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