week 19

<<boom mic operator: pexels.com

Welcome back everyone! Before the winter break we looked at the importance of SOUND in Film, and three components of sound in film: Dialogue, Sound Effects and Soundtrack. This week we will practice using the BOOM MICROPHONES, and learn the settings on the camcorders to properly operate the boom mics and capture professional sound on your films. Here’s a quick rundown of how to set up the camcorder with the boom mics:

• Plug small adaptor cable into microphone port on camcorder
• Plug other end of adaptor cable into one end of XLR cable
• Plug the other end of the XLR cable into the boom mic
• Plug headphones into headphone jack

Camcorder settings you need to change:
• Go to function/menu tab 1: change Mic Terminal Input to Microphone
• Go to function/menu tab 3: change AV/Headphones to Headphones

Essential Question: How do professional film crews use boom microphone equipment to capture good sound in film?
Learning Objectives: Students will practice connecting boom microphones to camcorders and changing settings in order to capture professional sound on their films.

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