week 2


<<< Extreme CloseUp Shot (ECU)
used to convey emotion
(image: flickr.com)

Part 1: Contracts, Fee, Review 
Last week we reviewed the iMac interface and system preferences, as well as the different programs we use in this class, 
iMovie, iTunes, Photos and GarageBand. We discussed what each program is designed to do. You then added shortcuts for each of the 4 programs to your dock. We reviewed the class website, how to use the weekly agenda, and you added a bookmark to your browser for the class site. 

We talked about the difference between high resolution and low resolution images, and we reviewed how to use Google Image Search to find the type and resolution of images you need, and those that are copyright free to use or share. 

You took a pretest of Film Vocabulary on google. You will only be graded for taking the pretest to check your prior knowledge of film. This pretest is worth 25 points.

Part 2: 12 Basic Shot Types
During the second week of school we will start collecting contracts and class fees (20 points each).

We'll look at examples of the 12 basic shot types on the projector, and then we'll watch some short videos. If you want to watch them again, they are on the home page of this site. Read pages 84-92 in the Stinson textbook, and draw an example on the handout sheet of each of the 12 shot types. Turn it in to me for 24 points. Make sure your name and class period are at the top. 

Essential Question: How directors and camera operators on a film crew creatively compose powerful camera shots to enhance the quality of their films using good composition and The Rule of Thirds?

Learning Objective: 
Students will be able to describe and capture the 12 basic shot types using camera angles, creative composition and The Rule of Thirds. 

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