week 25

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“RELATIONSHIPS” film for entry into Future Voices of  New Mexico & Desert Light Film Festival Competitions
I’ve extended the deadline to include one more week of filming (this week) on your “Relationships” film. You will then have TWO WEEKS in POST to edit and save a final cut of your film. Deadline for completed film is March 2nd.

Relationships brainstorming
"RELATIONSHIPS" project description
"RELATIONSHIPS” PreProd_ConceptMap.Synopsis
HowTo Write Film Synopsis.pdf
"RELATIONSHIPS" film rubric Jan2018

Essential Question: How does the production phase of filmmaking (filming) work in tandem with the other two phases of film production: preproduction (planning) & post production (editing) to create a polished and professional film? 

Learning Objective:
Students will understand the three phases of film production and capture short film clips during the production phase of their films. They will then incorporate all three phases of film production to create a finished short film. 

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