week 3

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12 Basic Shot Types PowerPoint Assignment
This week you will create a PowerPoint using shot type images you have downloaded from google. Make a folder on your desktop and name it "Shot Types.” Using Google Image Search, find appropriate examples of each of the 12 Basic Shot Types, dragging and dropping the 12 images into your folder (DO NOT copy/paste). Next, insert each image onto its own slide, with the corresponding shot type. In your own words, type a brief description of each shot type under the shot type name below the image. You may use the textbook as reference if you need to. When you are ready to submit it for a grade (24 points), save your powerpoint document in the same folder. I will walk around and grade them on your computer.  Any use of inappropriate images will result in an automatic “F”on this quiz. By the end of this unit on the 12 basic shot types, you should have a good grasp of them in preparation for practicing getting your own with the camcorder.

12 basic shot types web quiz.pptx

Essential Question: How do directors and camera operators on a film crew creatively compose powerful camera shots using the 12 basic shot types to enhance the quality of their films?

Learning Objective: 
Students will be able to describe and capture the 12 basic shot types in their films.

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