week 31

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DFP1 FINAL FILM of the year —
your choice of genre!!

Today you begin planning for your final film of the school year. Attached is the concept map/synopsis. Once your chosen team has been approved, download and fill out the concept map/synopsis for your film. You may print it out and handwrite on it, or type on it in MS Word. Save your filled out concept map to your desktop and print it out and turn it in for a grade. Then begin working on your script in CELTX. You have only TWO WEEKS ONLY in preproduction to plan your film… that includes concept map & script — storyboard is optional due to time constraints. Click on the link below for some genres and ideas for your final film:

Film Genres/Ideas

Essential Question: How does the pre-production phase of filmmaking (planning phase) improve a film?

Learning Objectives:
1.     Identify the steps of the preproduction phase of filmmaking: concept map, storyboard, and script.
2.     Brainstorm the beginning, middle and end of a scene with a concept map.
3.     Create a simple storyboard with the beginning, middle and end pre-planned and illustrated.
4.     Write a short script including dialogue for your film.

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