week 4


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Learning to edit in iMovie 
This week you finish your short movie based on a word, object or feeling. Each student must make their own imovie, so that everyone knows how to edit a film using this program. Use the search tools in google images to download large size high resolution images to a folder on your desktop, so the pictures in your movie are high resolution, sharp and not pixelated. Your short still movie must have an opening title, closing credits, 15 still images, transitions in between your images, and a soundtrack. You may also add sound effects for extra points. Have fun - we will be watching your movies later this week on the big screen! Next up, Rule of Thirds technique and then we start using the camcorders.

Essential Question: How do professionals in the film industry use creative editing techniques to make their films more polished?

Learning Objective: 
Students will learn the basics of film editing to create a short film in iMovie with a beginning, middle and end -- including titles, soundtrack, transitions, sound effects and opening and closing credits.

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