week 5a


<<< Rule of Thirds image free to use: flickr.com

Good Composition & The Rule of Thirds
What is meant by “good composition using the Rule of Thirds?

1. WATCH two short instructional videos by clicking on the links below. 

2. CREATE a PowerPoint slideshow with five still images taken from clips of your favorite films, describing how the Director of Photography has used good composition and The Rule of Thirds technique. Use the PowerPoint template provided below:


Steps for PowerPoint Assignment (part 3):
1. Make a folder on your desktop and name it Rule of Thirds.
2. Google movie trailers from five of your favorite movies.**
3. Identify one point in each of the five film clips that illustrates good composition and where the Director of Photography, or DP has used the Rule of Thirds technique.
4. STOP the video at a point in the film clip where you see good composition and where you think the DP has used this tool to make the viewer look where he/she wants them to look.
5. Use the keyboard command 
Command / Shift / 4  to take a screen shot on your computer. Press and hold all three keys one at a time. You will get a target icon on your computer. Click and drag a box across the image where you want to take a screen shot and where you have stopped the film. This will take a screen shot of your image and place a .png file on your desktop. Drag this image into your folder.
6. Open the provided Powerpoint. Drag and drop your five screen captures into the PowerPoint and save the PowerPoint file into your Rule of Thirds folder on your desktop. Erase the text below your 5 screen captures and describe in 1-2 sentences in your own words how the cameraperson has used the Rule of Thirds technique to make the shot more interesting.  (worth 25 points).

** Any use of inappropriate imagery will result in an automatic “F” on this assignment.

There will be a quiz at the end of the first six weeks on 12 Basic Shot Types, Composition and the Rule of Thirds technique.

Essential Question: How do directors and camera operators on a film crew creatively compose powerful camera shots to enhance the quality of their films using good composition and The Rule of Thirds?

Learning Objective: 
Students will be able to describe and capture the 12 basic shot types using creative camera angles, good composition and The Rule of Thirds technique.

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