week 5c

our tripod

<<< Velbon tripod

You are now ready to practice Tripod Mastery. I will demonstrate first how to set up and break down the tripod, and how to attach the Canon camcorders. Students will then break out into teams of three and practice setting up and breaking down the tripods. ALL STUDENTS MUST PASS THE TRIPOD QUIZ. Click on the link below, open it on one of your computers, and test one another on all the parts, setting up, attaching the camcorder, and breaking down. I will come around and randomly test students to make sure you all know how to use the tripod and attach the camera safely and effectively. On the next block day, we will go outside and practice filming with camera and tripod by interviewing one another and asking what you have learned so far in DFP1. You will then download the footage into iMovie for editing.

 tripod mastery checklist.pdf

Essential Question: How directors and camera operators on a film crew safely use their camera equipment and settings to capture creatively composed and powerful video?

Learning Objective: 
Students will be able to use their camera equipment effectively and safely.

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